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Advanced Functionality

BigHand for Android is easy to use and enables you to record, edit and profile voice files via context-sensitive controls. Controls include rewind, fast forward, pause, playback and skip to beginning or end. There is an insert an overwrite mode. You can also take a photo using your Android smartphone and attach the photo to a voice file before sending to an individual, team or BigHand's integrated Speech Recognition module.

Increased Productivity

BigHand for Android allows live status tracking of voice files sent, giving you total visibility of work and whether it is Pending, In Progress or Complete. To further increase productivity on the move, BigHand can automatically send an email with attachments so you can access and review documents on the Android device. Background processing of the Android platform allows voice files to be sent while other applications are open.

Easy Setup

BigHand for Android is available to download from the Android Market. When downloaded you can quickly configure your credentials such as your email and password, and enable One Click Record to immediately open the recorder when you launch the app. BigHand supports a variety of Android smartphones including the HTC Desire, Motorola Milestone™2 and Samsung Galaxy S.