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User Interface


The author interface has many common interface menus, allowing you to quickly start using BigHand with little effort. The software can be controlled using keyboard, mouse or microphone. The BigHand Recorder is extremely easy to use and allows you to quickly set priorities, workflow destinations, and password-protection. The attach a link or file functionality makes it easy to retrieve and work on your documents.

• Customisable user interface with colour displays, adjustable columns, and folder docking options
• Ability to launch new voice file from your microphone or from the BigHand recorder
• Editing features includes Insert/Overwrite mode, clipping of dictations,bookmarking and Advanced Profiling
• Folders for Drafts, Outbox, Work In Progress, Completed, and Deleted for easier work management
• Automatic routing of completed voice files to Completed Items
• Real time updates of files in your Work In Progress